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"Hope is the pillar that holds up the world. Hope is the dream of the waking man."  -Pliny the Elder


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Carefree Internal Medicine

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Welcome to Holistic Health!

Mission Statement

"We coach, teach, train, inspire and motivate our clients to seek mindfulness in their eating, strength and flexibility in their bodies, and rejuvenate their spirits with safe, innovative, and effective programming." -Karen Janusz

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It's all about you!

Our goal is to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Each of our services corresponds to one of the energy centers of the body. As vibrationally charged beings, each of our energy centers has unique qualities and needs in order to function at it's highest potential. This in turn reflects in our overall health profile. Disease and aging are directly related to these vibrational frequencies.

Each of our energy centers provides an avenue to create and restore health or promote disfunction and disease. As we begin to improve our health by eating wisely and exercising, our body is able to rebuild healthy cells, and restore optimal health. Studies indicate it takes ninety days for our bodies to completely renew themselves. Why not start today and start experiencing a dramatic shift in your health and energy.

Have you ever felt like there was something missing?

Think about this.

  • After you finish your meals, do you feel like you still need something to eat even though you are full?
  • Do you stay up watching TV because you are worried, have anxiety or just can't sleep?
  • Do you think about the past alot and wish you could be that person, and/or have the body you used to have?
  • Do you feel sad or feel like you have lost something, or someone?

This is what we call a Missing Link.

Missing links can occur in any of our energy centers leaving us feeling unsupported, anxious, fearful, and undernourished physically, mentally, and emotionally. This becomes the basis for many of the behaviors that cause us to gain weight, skip exercising and overeating the wrong type of foods. Once we add the missing link, our life takes on new dimensions, better health, and clearer thinking resulting in a positive flow of energy leading to optimal health.

Contact Karen Janusz for more information.


email: karen.janusz@kjholistic.com